Andy Farrell Salary in 2023 What Does the Ireland Rugby Head Coach Earn?


andy farrell salary
andy farrell salary

Andy Farrell, the celebrated head coach of the Ireland national rugby union team, has been leading the team since 2019, steering them to significant successes, like the glorious Grand Slam victory in the 2022 Six Nations Championship. In 2023, sources indicate that Andy Farrell’s salary stands at an impressive £500,000, placing him among the top ten highest-paid rugby union coaches.

  1. Summary of Andy Farrell Salary
  2. Breaking Down Andy Farrell’s Salary
  3. Comparisons with Other Rugby Coaches
  4. Coaching Beyond Rugby
  5. The Journey and the Contract Extension
  6. A Glimpse into Other Achievements
  7. Conclusion

Over the years, Andy’s salary has been a subject of much speculation and discussion, especially given the crucial role he plays in the team’s success. His income not only reflects his coaching prowess but also the value he brings to the Ireland Rugby team.

Summary of Andy Farrell Salary

Year Base Salary Bonuses Total Salary
2023 £350,000 £150,000 £500,000

Breaking Down Andy Farrell’s Salary

Andy Farrell’s remuneration package isn’t just a flat rate. His £500,000 annual income consists of a base salary of £350,000, with performance-related bonuses making up the difference. Achievements like winning the Six Nations Championship or getting to the Rugby World Cup final significantly boost his earnings.

In the past, figures indicated Andy’s earnings to be around £600k. This substantial amount was especially noted when he took over the reins from Joe Schmidt post-2019.

Comparisons with Other Rugby Coaches

To put Andy’s salary into perspective, England’s head coach, Eddie Jones, earns around £750,000 annually. Meanwhile, Fabien Galthié, leading the French rugby team, takes home £650,000 each year. Such figures underscore the high value top-tier nations place on their head coaches.

Coaching Beyond Rugby

When we venture outside of rugby, comparisons become even more eye-opening. NFL’s New England Patriots’ head coach, Bill Belichick, has a staggering annual salary of $12 million. In the football realm, Barcelona’s head coach, Xavi Hernández, receives a hefty €10 million yearly.

The Journey and the Contract Extension

Farrell’s commitment to Irish rugby is unwavering. Cementing his dedication, he recently signed a two-year contract extension, ensuring he’ll guide the Ireland Rugby team until at least 2025. This extension follows his sterling track record and the trust the Irish rugby administration places in him.

A Glimpse into Other Achievements

Under Farrell’s leadership, Ireland has seen both highs and lows. However, his capability was notably evident when he successfully maneuvered a 37-man squad in the Six Nations, achieving commendable results.


There’s no denying Andy Farrell’s coaching caliber. His salary is not just a reflection of his expertise but also a testament to the significant impact he has on Irish rugby. In the grand scheme of global rugby and sports, Farrell stands tall, both in terms of achievements and earnings.


1. How much is Andy Farrell’s salary in 2023?
Andy Farrell is reportedly earning £500,000 in 2023.

2. Has Andy Farrell signed any contract extension with Ireland Rugby?
Yes, Andy Farrell recently extended his contract with Ireland Rugby, committing to coach until 2025.

3. How does Andy Farrell’s salary compare with other rugby union coaches?
In 2023, Andy’s £500,000 salary is competitive, with coaches like Eddie Jones of England earning £750,000.

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