American Airlines vs Skiplagged: What the Controversy Over Hidden City Ticketing?


Hidden city ticketing has emerged as a strategy to potentially save money on airline tickets. By exploiting a loophole in airline pricing, travelers book a flight with an intended layover and disembark at that layover city without completing the final leg. But what happens when airlines get wind of this practice? As of August 25, 2023, American Airlines is actively suing Skiplagged, a website that champions this very method.

  1. Summary of american airlines skiplagged
  2. Understanding Skiplagging and Hidden City Ticketing
  3. The Lawsuit: American Airlines vs Skiplagged
  4. The Allegations
  5. Skiplagged’s Response and Defense
  6. The Impact on Airline Industry and Consumers
  7. Exploring the Deeper Issue: Airline Pricing
  8. Conclusion

This lawsuit isn’t merely a dispute between a corporation and a website. It highlights the broader issues of airline pricing, ticketing transparency, and consumers’ rights to find and book the most affordable travel options.

Summary of american airlines skiplagged

Aspect Details
Main Issue Hidden City Ticketing
Plaintiff American Airlines
Defendant Skiplagged
Primary Allegations Deceptive ticketing practices
Skiplagged’s Defense Transparency in offering ticket options
Potential Impact on Airlines Increased costs, reconsidering connecting flights
Possible Outcome for Consumers Difficulty in finding hidden city flights
Deeper Concern Complexity in airline pricing

Understanding Skiplagging and Hidden City Ticketing

Hidden city ticketing isn’t new, but websites like Skiplagged have made it more accessible. Simply put, if someone wants to fly from New York to Los Angeles, they might find a cheaper ticket that goes from New York to San Diego but has a layover in Los Angeles. Instead of flying to the final destination, they exit at the layover.

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This sounds like a smart money-saving move. However, airlines disagree, and the central issue is about revenue loss.

The Lawsuit: American Airlines vs Skiplagged

The crux of the ongoing lawsuit, being heard in Fort Worth, Texas, revolves around American Airlines’ claim that Skiplagged is engaging in deceptive and unauthorized ticketing practices. The airline insists that Skiplagged fails to notify customers they’re booking these specific types of tickets.

Moreover, American Airlines stresses that by booking these hidden city tickets, customers breach the airline’s terms of service.

The Allegations

American Airlines’ accusations are multi-fold:

  1. Skiplagged allegedly doesn’t disclose the nature of the hidden city ticket to customers.
  2. By enabling the booking of such tickets, Skiplagged is purportedly breaching the airline’s terms.
  3. Such practices, American Airlines contends, are siphoning off their revenue.

Skiplagged’s Response and Defense

Not one to stay silent, Skiplagged refutes these allegations. They maintain their platform merely helps travelers find affordable options. Emphasizing transparency, Skiplagged claims their website explicitly communicates the possibility of booking hidden city flights.

The Impact on Airline Industry and Consumers

The ripple effect of this lawsuit could be substantial. For airlines, it might mean more costs if they’re obliged to process refunds for these types of flights. They might even reconsider offering certain connecting flights, narrowing down options for travelers.

Conversely, travelers could find it more challenging to identify flights suitable for hidden city ticketing, should Skiplagged and similar platforms be compelled to modify their operations.

Exploring the Deeper Issue: Airline Pricing

Beyond the immediate controversy, this lawsuit exposes the complex world of airline pricing. Different pricing for the same flight, depending on booking methods, can confuse consumers. Potential reforms to this pricing model, as an aftermath of the lawsuit, might eventually benefit the consumer.


The lawsuit between American Airlines and Skiplagged isn’t just about one airline and one platform. It has unveiled several industry practices and has stimulated discussions on ticket pricing transparency. While the lawsuit’s final verdict remains pending, it underscores the importance of staying updated with industry shifts, especially for frequent travelers.


Q: Why is American Airlines suing Skiplagged?
A: They allege that Skiplagged is practicing deceptive ticketing and violating their terms of service.

Q: Is hidden city ticketing illegal?
A: While not illegal, it’s usually against airline terms of service.

Q: How does Skiplagged respond to these allegations?
A: Skiplagged claims they provide transparency and simply help travelers find cheap flights.

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